Chicken Sweater

A couple of weeks ago, a friend at work asked me if I could crochet a chicken sweater. I can usually crochet just about anything if I have a pattern. So I said sure. Before I continue, I have to give a little backstory. I work at a school, and our end of year is quickly approaching. One of our teachers is retiring after 39 years. He and his wife recently started raising chickens. My friend is in charge of the end of year celebration, where we honor teachers and staff. She also does a selection of gag gifts, like large, obnoxious keychain to teachers who repeatedly lose their keys, things like that.

So, we are honoring this particular teacher for his retirement, but also presenting him with gag gifts for his new hobby. Hence, the chicken sweater.

So, when she asked, I immediately started a search for a pattern. There are lots of patterns for chicken sweaters, but most of them are knit. The ones I did find in crochet were paid patterns. Since it was for a gag gift, I really didn’t want to pay for the pattern. I figured I’d never make another chicken sweater, so why pay?

I searched Pinterest, finding some really cute ones, but clicking the pictures sucked me into the internet wormhole of hell, and no patterns.

I posted a status on FB, uttering nine words I never thought I’d say in a complete sentence. “I can’t find a chicken sweater pattern I like.”

I posted in a couple of the FB crochet groups I belong to, and while I know people were trying to be helpful, I was sent to Etsy (paid), Ravelry (paid) and Pinterest (wormhole), or told me to measure the chicken and make my own. I was beginning to think no one actually read my post as I stated that a) it was a gag gift for someone at work (figuring it was obvious I didn’t have the chicken) and b) that it must be a free pattern.

Finally someone posted a link to a free,easy pattern. For the most part, I did follow this pattern, with a few of my own adjustments. I’m happy with the finished product.

The end of year gathering is Wednesday. I hope he likes it.

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