Will I make it? I still have several items I want to make before Friday. I have to be done by Friday because that’s when we set up. I have a feeling the next two nights are going to be long ones. 

One day closer

Monday is almost done. So far today I’ve made two jar cozies and several magnets. We’ll, I’ve crocheted the jar cozies; I still need to add the buttons. I’ll post pics once I get some completely finished. 

The magnets are a new craft. I originally started using some large buttons I had. Then I saw a post in a group I belong to and thought I’d give their idea a shot. The magnets are made using up cycled costume jewelry. It’s a great use for broken earrings and pendants. Sorry for the quality of the pics. 

Sunday crafting

I am so behind on my crafting. I have a huge craft fair next weekend and I am nowhere near ready. I have ornaments to make, dog sweaters to crochet, I need to finish my jar cozies, make more dog toys, get things priced….I’m looking at a few long nights ahead of me this week. I’ll post a few pics later of some of the items I will have for sale. 


Welcome to Desert Chick Designs. My name is Beth and I’m a craft-a-holic. I love to craft. I usually have several crafts going at one time. I love to crochet and bead. I also like anything different. And buttons. 

I created this space a while ago but never posted anything. I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), so I’m going to attempt to post daily for the month of November. We’ll see how that goes! 
I’ll be posting projects, tips, ideas, and just general craft chat here. I hope you enjoy my site!